Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What is mKiddo?

Ans: Mkiddo is a unique interactive fun and Educational content portal for toddlers & preschool children. Best educational app / site for kids to teach rhymes, alphabet, numbers, shapes, counting, tracing, coloring, interactive charts, & body parts (vegetable /fruit /sports /profession /stars /animals) using kids fun learning apps. Now-a-days, ‘Interactive Learning ‘is a great method of education for children (age 2-6 years) who enter preschool or kindergarten as kinesthetic learners.

2. How do I subscribe mKiddo?

Ans: You need to register with your mobile number and buy subscription pack.

3. What is the subscription fee?

Ans: Subscription fees are BDT 6.67 (including VAT+SD+SC)/Week and BDT 13.32 (including VAT+SD+SC)/Month.

4. How do I pay for a subscription?

Ans: Payments are made periodically from your mobile balance.

5. How do I see content?

Ans: Open the mkiddo app or visit, after successful subscription tap on any content and/Play button then streaming will start sscordingly.

6. Can I watch offline?

Ans: No, you need to be online with mobile data to visit and watch.

7. Why can’t I download videos?

Ans: As mkiddo is a subscription based service and most of our contents online contents so it is not downloadable. However, if there is option for certain contents to download, you will be able to download upon terms.

8. When I do not have subscription can I still watch videos on app / site?

Ans: No, as it is a Subscription based service.

9. Is there any harmful content that might affect my child’s mental health?

Ans: No, as mKiddo is designed solely for kids, all the contents are tested and filtered carefully.

10. What is the minimum age for kids to watch mkiddo ?

Ans: 3 years.

11. How can I Unsubscribe?

Ans: After Subscription you will be automatically Unsubscribe after your subscription package ends, However, you will be notified before ending of your subscription to subscribe again. Beforehand if you want to unsubscribe then press the unsubscribe button.

12. I’m subscribed to mkiddo, If I Unsubscribe, How much longer will I be able to watch?

Ans: You will keep your access to mkiddo until the last period paid ends. For example, In case of Daily Subscription which was already renewed today, you will be able to see videos until current date ends. Or if you subscribed to Weekly and your last renewal happened on Monday, you will be able to watch videos till next Sunday (7 Days ) .

13. If I face any problem or I have query then whom do I contact?

Ans: In such case for any help please go to the burger menu and select Contact option then put relevant information and press send button. After successful delivery concern person review your relevant query/comments and they will feedback accordingly.